Sidney Morrison

Sidney Morrison

“This is an important book about an important man and America, meticulously researched, deeply imagined, engagingly told.”

— KAREN JOY FOWLER, author of Booth and The Jane Austen Club

Frederick Douglass: A Novel

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Frederick Douglass: A Novel

Frederick Douglass was the most prominent African American of the 19th century, and Sidney Morrison has written a powerful and riveting historical novel richly detailing Douglass’ long and eventful life. Born into slavery, from childhood Frederick demonstrated an insatiable curiosity and a brilliant mind. He escaped from his enslavement to become a fierce abolitionist, gifted orator, and writer. He collaborated with William Lloyd Garrison, John Brown, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and the Underground Railroad. His relationship with President Abraham Lincoln was complicated and, in the end, remarkably touching. What makes Morrison’s portrayal of Douglass unique is that it takes readers beyond the public persona by also detailing his relations with women—his wife and key collaborators—which was at times deemed scandalous behavior.

Douglass dedicated his life to racial equality and this novel is an homage to him as a major figure in U.S. and African American history.


Sidney Morrison lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Karan. He is a retired teacher and school principal and is now a part-time educational consultant and leadership coach for school leaders in schools in southern California. He also provides professional development in workshops about ethical leadership and diversity/equity issues in schools. Elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of California School Administrations, he was then elected as state president for 1998-1999. He is working on his next historical novel on the life of James Hemings, brother of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson’s slave and personal chef.

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Sidney Morrison

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