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A magisterial work about the life of an extraordinary and passionate hero of American history. Should be required reading!

—MARGARET GEORGE, New York Times Bestselling Author of Elizabeth I, Helen of Troy & The Memoirs of Cleopatra

In his impressive novel, Morrison refocuses Douglass' story on the personal and emotional, imagining his complicated and often torturous relationships with his enslavers, mentors, and lovers. A wrenching and insightful examination of a triumphant yet tragic man.


An engrossing and moving look at the complex figure of Frederick Douglass, the men—and women—who shaped his life, and his fight against injustice and search for self amid a nation’s struggle to achieve its ideals.

—SUSAN HIGGINBOTHAM, author of John Brown’s Women

Dramatic, immersive, brimming with insight, and entertaining, this is a must-read novel. Douglass was a leader in the struggle for equality and justice for all, and Morrison’s life of Douglass is a timely reminder of our heroic past and our unfinished work.

—SENTA GREENE, CEO of Full Circle Consulting Systems and Co-author of I Can’t Come to School Today. . . Mom is in Prison and I Don’t Have a Ride

Sidney Morrison’s novel about Frederick Douglass is an important novel of epic sweep that I urge everyone to read. it is a great story about a great American.

—JAY NEUGEBOREN, author of Imagining Robert, The Stolen Jew, and After Camus.